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I found a great mechanic.

After a car accident, I purchased an "As Is / No Warranty" vehicle. It goes without saying, the car started having transmission issues 2 days after having left the Dealer's lot; go figure.


I had a few diagnostics performed on my car and each one indicated that the car had an issue with the transmission solenoid (code P0755). Not necessarily understanding what this meant I began looking for professional help. I sought out at least 5 different mechanics and transmission specialists within the DMV area before I found Suburban Transmission. Each place I visited were "to a degree" highly publicized and were easily accessible, however, the only recommendation I received was that I needed to replace or rebuild my entire transmission. I was informed that the transmission fluid was "burnt" and that there were "metal shavings" in the vehicle which according to these mechanics was an indication that the transmission is "beyond repair" (You'll find out below this is not always an accurate assessment of a vehicle's transmission). Mind you, the cost to rebuild, replace with an existing transmission or purchase a new transmission costs around an approximate $2000 - $3500 (The cost of a fairly good used car). I certainly was not willing to pay that much. Eventually, after having done more exhausting research and reading several google reviews, and making several phone calls I ended up speaking to Mike of Suburban Transmission. I believe we were talking on the phone for an hour just about transmissions in general. One thing he made clear was that most highly advertised transmission specialists and mechanics don't do a thorough job diagnosing a transmission to truly find the real issue; many mechanic shops will only suggest replacing the entire transmission in order to make a profit. Mike continued to inform me that most transmission issues, have either small component problems that need replacement or electrical problems that can be fixed cheaply and simply, but most mechanics do not complete a thorough analysis to give their customers an honest and earnest diagnostic. I took my car to Mike's shop and there was a great difference between what he did in comparison to the other shops. Unlike the other shops Mike requested to hold on to the car a few days to test the car, put miles on the car and get the transmission to fail so that he could properly diagnose it. Unlike the other shops, when Mike found out the true issue with my transmission he described the true problem using catalog books, and showed which parts he needed to correct the issue, allowed me into the shop and showed me what he was doing. I almost felt as though I could've fixed the transmission myself when he was finished. Mike informed me that the true issue with my transmission was an electrical issue requiring only the replacement of a solenoid shift and wiring harness @ $680.00 in total. Now imagine if I had paid the $2000 - $3500 dollars just to replace or rebuild my transmission; I still would've/could've had issues because a proper diagnosis wasn't performed. That would've been more of an inconvenience as I would need to spend more money and take more time off work in order to fix the car. Lessons learned: 1. Pay attention to google and yelp review comments on mechanic shops. 2. Find a mechanic that is willing to share a thorough explanation of what is wrong with your car; and I do mean mechanic, not the receptionist at the front desk who will read off the mechanics report. You need to speak with the mechanic one on one. 3. Spend some spare time researching potential issues and car maintenance responsibilities for your car; it's never a good thing to wait until you have an issue to begin understanding how to deal with it (will help in the long run). All in all I've found a great mechanic and transmission specialist at Suburban Transmission. - Steven S (5 star review found on Google)


Suburban Transmissions is a full-service Maryland transmission service repair shop serving Laurel, Howard County, Columbia, Fulton, Elk Ridge, Savage, and surrounding areas. We specialize in computer-controlled diagnostics, rebuilding, and replacement. Stop by our shop at 9160 Bursa Road, Laurel, Howard County MD 20723 or give us a call at (240) 841-0370 for all your transmission problems.


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