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What liversavers!

Mike & Eddie - What lifesavers! My 00 Mustang was sitting for awhile (I have another car for work, so the Mustang isn't not much of a daily driver now) & when I started it up, it had trouble going foward & in reverse. I initially took my car to Koons Ford Silver Spring (they were the closest to me & I didn't want to take it to a tire/oil change place). Koons said I had multiple leaks & recommended a rebuilt transmission ($2885), automatic transmission overhaul ($2586), new radiator ($734), transmission cooler line flush ($112), & cooling system flush w/coolant ($165) - those quotes are the DISCOUNTED quotes they emailed me after I declined their services & picked my car back up. I was low on transmission fluid, they added some in to get me back home.

I really thought my car was a total loss considering the age/value of the car! If it isn't obvious by now, I know absolutely nothing about cars so I googled & called around to other places to get info & quotes. Mike (the owner) by far was the most thorough - he talked to me for at least 20 minutes explaining why he strongly doubted Koons recommendations (especially the two different quotes for the transmission, he said that would only be one repair IF I even needed it, and the radiator repair). He never made me feel dumb while talking to me & he didn't rush me off the phone - I brought in the car the next day. Mike and Eddie explained the services they performed throughly. They diagnosed the transmission & checked for leaks (didn't find any) - all that was needed was a servicing of the transmission adding filter & fluid! That & an oil change totaled $340 out the door! Within a timespan of 3 days, I've driven almost 500 interstate miles round trip. No issues whatsoever.

Mike also gave me (yes, GAVE ME, not sold to me) his personal can of Fleetwax (it's a running joke to everyone I know about how my car has zero shine), a towel to use it with, & also recommended Turtlewax to get some shine back to my car...yall, my car has unintentionally looked like black matte with a side of dirt for YEARS. I basically gave up on car washes because 15 minutes later it looked like it needed another wash. He demonstrated the products on part of the hood...it's still shiny days later. He didn't have to do that, he's not Autozone or Pepboys with a shelf of those items for sale.

I don't think I've ever left a review for car repairs/service, but he is certainly great review worthy! Mike said he doesn't advertise, just goes off word of mouth. His online reviews & detailed initial phone conversation is what made me bring my car to him. Thank you Mike & Eddie for your honesty, patience, & tips. If anyone has potential transmission issues, just go to Surburban Transmissions. Trust me.

Also, I don't know why there aren't more Yelp reviews, but there are plenty of Google reviews for Surburban Transmissions (Mike's webpage also has very helpful tips & info). - Andrew W (5 star review found on Google)


Suburban Transmissions is a full-service Maryland transmission service repair shop serving Laurel, Howard County, Columbia, Fulton, Elk Ridge, Savage, and surrounding areas. We specialize in computer-controlled diagnostics, rebuilding, and replacement. Stop by our shop at 9160 Bursa Road, Laurel, Howard County MD 20723 or give us a call at (240) 841-0370 for all your transmission problems.


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