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Reliable shop.

I had a 79 Pontiac Trans Am that had blew the front seal . I took it to mike and in one day had the repair done and car back. These guys are on top of their game when it comes to transmission issues. I would use them again if I ever need a good reliable shop. (tPaul S (5 star review found on Google) 

I found a great mechanic.

After a car accident, I purchased an "As Is / No Warranty" vehicle. It goes without saying, the car started having transmission issues 2 days after having left the Dealer's lot; go figure.


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Great communication.

Mike is awesome!!!!!!!! Great service, great communication, and great lesson on transmission repairs and diagnostics.......Did I mention it's GREAT!!!!! Been going there for 14 years and counting. Way to go Mike!! - Lamar G (5 star review found on Google)

True mechanics.

"A happy customer will tell a few friends but an unhappy customer tells the world" .. Not this time. I'll spread the word of how at Suburban Transmissions Mike & his crew diagnosed why my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee lost 1st & 4th gear (not governor pressure solenoid) & fixed it at a fair price. Any other shop, one of which I called, would just replace the transmission for $3K with no attempt to find the problem. Thanks Mike, true mechanics that don't just throw $$$ parts at a problem are hard to find these days. - Antoine H (5 star review found on Google)

My wallet thanks Suburban.

Thank you, Suburban Transmission! I was dreading the cost of replacing my transmission and called them for an estimate. They gave me a very reasonable quote, but asked me to bring it in for a test ride before worrying about the cost. In a few minutes, they diagnosed the problem as a sensor had detached. They replaced it, sent me on my way, and it has been running smooth since. I thank you and my wallet thanks you! - Richard W (5 star review found on Google)

Suburban rocks!

My 1997 BMW 740iL stopped going forward. I backed it into the driveway and didn't drive it for nearly for a year for fear of the cost of a transmission. I was referred to Suburban Transmission by a coworker. Mike gave me the worst case scenario price of $4,400.00. After inspecting the car, the repair was only $123.00, $30.00 less than the cost of the tow from Washington, DC to Laurel. - Charles L (5 star review found on Google)

Top Notch!

I have had two vehicles serviced at Suburban Transmission and both experiences were top notch. Mike (the owner) takes his time to explain what the problems are with your vehicle and lay out the options in easy to understand terms. First they rebuilt my tranny on my 2005 burb just after 100k and to this day it is still running smoothly at over 150k. He also has worked on my wife's Durango 2001 and to our happiness when we bought it in almost 2 years ago he just had to replace some parts and drill out the trans lines to make it more efficient and it ran great. We were fearful the transmission was dying then but that got us another 2 years out of it. Mike and his shop are great and their customer service is top notch. I have sent several people I respect greatly to him for that reason and will continue to do so as well as use him whenever the need arises. - Terrence J (5 star review found on Google) 

They are great!

They are great! They diagnosed my problem for free. They did not try and rip me off. I definitely would do business with them again. - Mark B (5 star review found on Google)

Best experience.

The best experience with a repair shop ever. I have never been treated with such respect and honesty. These guys go the extra mile! - Mark S (5 star review found on Google)

I recommend Suburban!

I was worried that I needed a new transmission for my 2001 BMW 525i (cost is around 3-5K for rebuild or re-manufactured unit) Mike (the owner) was friendly, seemed knowledgeable about cars, and had previous experience with my type of transmission as well. I was impressed with the level of expertise. Mike's tech found that the tranny was 2.5 quarts low on fluid because of a leak. The tech drove it home to make sure it was functioning property after the fluid was replaced., I do think that it's a benefit that they drove it home & back. Other transmission shops may only take it for a 5 min test drive and not find problems. In my opinion a long test drive may be needed to really find out what's going on. I'd rather them to that than have a problem myself and have to tow it back to the shop. I am satisfied with the service and recommend this shop to others. - Alex G (5 star review found on Google)

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