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I recommend Suburban!

I was worried that I needed a new transmission for my 2001 BMW 525i (cost is around 3-5K for rebuild or re-manufactured unit) Mike (the owner) was friendly, seemed knowledgeable about cars, and had previous experience with my type of transmission as well. I was impressed with the level of expertise. Mike's tech found that the tranny was 2.5 quarts low on fluid because of a leak. The tech drove it home to make sure it was functioning property after the fluid was replaced., I do think that it's a benefit that they drove it home & back. Other transmission shops may only take it for a 5 min test drive and not find problems. In my opinion a long test drive may be needed to really find out what's going on. I'd rather them to that than have a problem myself and have to tow it back to the shop. I am satisfied with the service and recommend this shop to others. - Alex G (5 star review found on Google)

Great job!

Mike and Rich - were very passionate about their work. They did a great job. I spent days trying to figure out our transmission shifting issue myself and they debugged my transmission problem, which turned out to be a alternator issue. Very strange problem but they persevered and figured it out. - Joe P (5 star review found on Google)

No gimmicks.

Great place to get your transmission done..Mike is awesome at explaining everything..no gimmicks. - Michael N. (5 star review found on Google) 

Honest work.

Honest wok and fair price. Mike is knowledgeable and always willing to discuss your issues without rushing to take your money - Anthony S (5 star review found on Google)

Happy to explain everything.

Mike and his crew were pretty straight up with me by giving me the "worst case scenario" up front. Ended up being a total overhaul on my tranny and he was more than happy to explain why... but his warranty and ability to get followup with a small issue afterwards has been invaluable. - Jose P (5 star review found on Google)

Hard to beat!

This is the second car I have had Suburban and Mike work on. Both times, in 2010 a Concord and now a Dodge Caravan, Mike and the shop have done an excellent job. Honest, reasonable and knowledgeable. Hard to beat their explanation of problem, options for repair, and cost of work. - Dan C (5 star review found on Google)

Super helpful.

Great experience with them! Helped me through everything. Not going to think of anywhere else to go. I had to change the input shaft on my NP231. They made the process very easy and simple and super helpful. They have a lot of experience with transmissions amd what they work with. I've been recommending them to everyone I know and any problems I have I know who to go to! - Jean R (5 star review found on Google)

Great depth of experience.

Towing a trailer from Fl to Ct I lost 5th gear shortly after entering Maryland. Exiting the highway I located a number of transmission service shops in the area. Suburban had a high user review rating. I called and spoke with Mike and can see why the rating is so high. He did not take advantage of my situation, clearly has great depth of experience. Spent time with me on the phone and gave me the advice I needed to get home. - Mark T (5 star review found on Google)

Very honest.

They will help you out and explain everything when you go in for a diagnosis. Very knowledgeable and honest. - James S (5 star review found on Google)

Very happy with Suburban!

Perfect service, they ran into a problem and instead of charging more they expected it at times and were prepared for it. Had an excellent work around and though it cost them more, them did NOT pass it along to me. I appreciate the timeliness as I had to rent a car, and they even paid for a day of rent because of a delay. It is working perfectly and I would advise everyone to do the rebuild for 2500 instead of going a new route. I got a 3 year warranty. They put in better parts than the original so I expect no trouble. Been working for a few months and am very happy. - Tim J (5 star review found on Google)

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