(301) 362-1200  

Very honest.

They will help you out and explain everything when you go in for a diagnosis. Very knowledgeable and honest. - James S (5 star review found on Google)

Very happy with Suburban!

Perfect service, they ran into a problem and instead of charging more they expected it at times and were prepared for it. Had an excellent work around and though it cost them more, them did NOT pass it along to me. I appreciate the timeliness as I had to rent a car, and they even paid for a day of rent because of a delay. It is working perfectly and I would advise everyone to do the rebuild for 2500 instead of going a new route. I got a 3 year warranty. They put in better parts than the original so I expect no trouble. Been working for a few months and am very happy. - Tim J (5 star review found on Google)

Great place!

Great place and Mike provided great customer service. - Daniel B (5 star review found on Google)

Fair and reasonable prices.

Mike was extremely helpful. He spent a lot of time explaining the issue I was having with my vehicle, and quoted me a fair and reasonable price. If you have any transmission issues, Suburban Transmissions is the way to go! - Abe V (5 star review found on Google)

Great customer service.

My wife's car was acting up after I had brought it to a local shop to have a transmission flush on it. When I brought it home, I noticed that it was overfilled. So after getting home, I went ahead and drained 2 quarts overfilled. Obviously this was concerning to me considering that I had brought it to what I thought was a reputable shop and they didn't do it correctly. Shortly after draining the overfilled transmission and checking the level, my wife started telling me that the car would flash it's neutral light and free rev without moving. This was upsetting considering that I had just "serviced" the vehicle. Here's where Mike comes in... I did some research and found Suburban Transmissions. I was browsing their website and was completely surprised at how honest they were on their webpage. They were giving away what most shops would probably consider "trade secrets"! I called Suburban and Mike spent 30 minutes talking to me about the history of the transmission, some known issues, and things I could do to troubleshoot the transmission. The way Mike talked about the transmission, I could have sworn that he designed it! My conversation with him floored me since he took time out of his busy day to help me out and was giving me some ideas of things to check for (potentially resulting in me fixing it and not doing business with him). I felt completely comfortable with sending my car to Suburban and that they would not rip me off. Mike repeatedly stated that he's not a parts guy and that he wants to properly diagnose the car rather than throw parts at it to fix it or just sell a new transmission. Mike answered every call. He answered every question. Mike even held the car an extra day to double check the transmission after I told him a symptom that he thought was anomalous. Mike even offered to use what I paid for my repair towards future repairs if my wife's car continued to have problems! Most shops would probably make you pay full price without considering their previous work! I feel that more shops should follow Mike's lead in working with the customer, talking to them as a peer, taking the time to listen to the customer's concern and make sure that the diagnosis is correct, and to not take the shotgun approach of just throwing parts at the car. Working with Mike was such a pleasant experience that it almost makes me wish that I had some other transmission woes. Transmission issues tend to be a huge cause of stress, but Mike is like a guide helping you through the process and helping you take on the burden. Great job, great customer service, great people. - Brian P (5 star review found on Google)

I'm a very happy customer.

Very happy customer. If you're looking to get your problem solved for a fair price this is the place to go. Won't try to sell you something you don't need. Very knowledgeable!!! - Kevin (5 star review found on Google)

I saved hundreds!

Suburban Transmissions is definitely unique. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about transmission and takes plenty of time to explain the problems to the customer. He is extremely honest! I took my car in for a transmission fluid leak. It was difficult to diagnose the source of the leak, but once discovered, he said it would not be worthwhile to spend money fixing it. He could have easily repaired it and charged me, but was honest instead. He just recommended to keep an eye on the fluid level and to top it off on a regular basis. He didn't even charge me for diagnostics and saved me hundreds of dollars! - Michelle E (5 star review found on Google)

The very best at what they do!

These people define what it means to be the very best at what they do. I came in last week, after I had numerous mechanics from different shops tell me it would be upwards of $800+ to replace my transmission WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT IT. I took it over to suburban transmissions and without charge, he realized I had absolutely no transmission fluid and I had a serious leak. Gave me 3 quarts for free and told me to come back next week. Charged me 135 for everything. Great work and I would recommend it to anybody. Osei A (5 star review found on Google)

They were insanely helpful!

Found their website while searching for common issues after a warning light came on for my car. Mike was insanely helpful, intuitive to my level of know-how, and always sought to get me answers with a minimum of fuss and unnecessary spending. They did not service my car directly, but did provide advice and input for where to find parts, helped with diagnosis of the issue, and helped me to avoid common pitfalls. If I lived nearby, I would consider nobody else to service my transmission. - JFM (5 star review found on Google)

These guys are the best!

I have had several repairs completed at Suburban Transmission and these guys are the best. They explain everything and get the job done correctly. I will continue to recommend them for all car repairs and they will be our only mechanic. Simply the Best!!! - Diane Y (5 star review found on Google)

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